Consulting Offerings

VIP Program Creation

These are often referred to as superuser, advocacy, ambassador, or recognition programs. Do you like the idea of such a program for your community users, but don’t know where to start? With this service, we’ll collaborate to create a thorough program outline; including goals, criteria, activities, operational details, communications, timeline, success metrics, and more.

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Launch Process:
Strategic Plan, Platform Selection & Roadmap

In need of creating or revising your community’s strategic plan? Do you already have a plan and you're now ready to select a platform? I'll be your trusted guide you through this process. Think of me as your personal trainer for Community: advising you on how to reach your goals and what to expect along the way.

Offering details will be posted soon. 


Are you coming close to the end of your fiscal year? Do you need to understand your community metrics and activities so that you can plan for the next year? I’ll review the community’s analytics, content, and events so that you’ll have an accurate picture of the current state before planning for the next year.

Offering details will be posted soon.

Community Coaching

Is someone on your community team brand new to this field? I’ll work with them to uplevel their skillset, teach them how to think like a strategist, and provide guidance on their community planning, execution, and vision.

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If you have a custom project you'd like to discuss, please contact Jenny.